"Bucket List" BMX Parks

We have to qualify the title of this blog post by reminding everyone we haven’t been to every BMX track out there. There’s probably a new one being built as you read this that will knock everyone’s socks off.

Everyone who rides BMX can probably remember the first track they grew up with, and where they first learned how to ride BMX. It may not have qualified as a “track” at all – a narrow path between trees leading to a makeshift kicker or quarter-pipe was how many riders got their start.

Plywood and a concrete cinderblock – good enough, right?

As the popularity of the sport has progressed, nearly every component of modern-day BMX bikes has also advanced. The materials used in the construction of modern BMX bikes is vastly superior to what first came on the scene back in Southern California in the 1970’s.

No matter where you are on the globe, there’s probably an exceptional BMX track within riding distance. If you need a little more inspiration, today’s post is for you. We’re compiling some of the most incredible BMX tracks across the world. 

Think of it as the bucket list for BMX riders!

Berlin, Germany - Mellow Park

This massive park covers 60,000 square meters of terrain. 

But you can expect to see a variety of extreme sports happening here, including skate parks, a huge halfpipe, pump tracks, mini ramps and dirt ramps! If you don’t feel like motoring back to a hotel, you can check out their wooden cabins on site. What’s better than rolling out of bed and rolling out to the track? 

Image credit to Dewallen Industry

Cleveland, Ohio – Ray’s MTB Park

This might not be the first choice for a BMX rider, when you first see the impressive layout, a mountain bike will most certainly come to mind. 

But the skill and precision needed to navigate this track will certainly fine-tune your senses and will provide a ton of fun in the process.

Image credit to Ray's MTB 

San Diego, California – Chula Vista

This track ranks among some of the hardest and most technical in the world. 

Recently remodeled since 2012, this track covers over 390 meters and features floodlights for those evening sessions after the sun goes down. Keep an eye out for pro riders who frequently visit Chula Vista to train.

Image credit to Chula Vista BMX

Manchester, England – Indoor BMX Track

This spot won’t be winning any awards for creative naming, but the features of this track don’t need any more fanfare because it’s AWESOME

In fact, this track is becoming the “it” spot for BMX riders all over Europe.

Image credit to MPORA

The Right Gear for Every Track

Back to our original point, the passion for riding a BMX comes from the rider. No matter how you spend your pedal time, the best thing you can do is make sure you’re riding quality. Buying the right BMX bike for your situation isn’t easy.

There are many options for customizing your BMX bike, and what is the right fit for you will depend largely on how and where you ride. Get in touch with the team at Don’s Bike Shop if you’re interested in some helpful feedback, we’ve got the gear and experience you can trust.

Don’t forget to check out our BMX Buyers Guide as well.


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