Commonly Asked Questions About BMX Bikes

Whether you’ve had a bike your whole life, or are looking for a reason to make an investment in a bicycle after a long absence; a BMX bike might be just the thing you need to re-ignite your passion for the pedal lifestyle.

If you have questions about what BMX bikes would be the right fit for you around Redlands and Rialto, we totally understand. You can stop by Don’s Bike Shop anytime during the week to chop it up in person or visit our website for more info.

In the spirit of answering questions, we thought we’d re-visit some commonly asked questions we get about BMX bikes at our shop to help get you started.

What BMX Is Good for Beginners?

This question starts with another question. What are your intentions with your BMX bike? Will you be riding mostly on the street? Is there a park nearby? Will you be riding on dirt? Flatland?
No matter the terrain, you may want to want to consider a chromoly, a strong, lightweight alloy metal frame for your BMX bike. Steel will work in many cases, but it does make the bike a bit heavier. While you’re getting the hang of BMX riding and certain tricks, the bottom of your bike is more prone to getting dented, so you’ll want the southern half of your bike (forks, downtube, chainstays) to be chromoly if possible.

The other aspect you’ll want to consider is your body size and type. This will determine what size frame it the best fit for you. We can help get you pointed in the right direction about frame size but it’s always best to actually ride the bike to see how it feels. No size chart will be able to tell you what feels good when you ride.

Common Misconceptions About BMX Fitting

To the final point we addressed in the previous question, the trust is finding the right fit takes some work. When it comes to common advice, you should be wary about the following statements about how to fit a bike:

·        Use your inseam measurement to find the right fit for a bike
·        All you need is to consider your body proportions
·        The same bike frame design will work for anyone
·        You can get a proper bike fitting completed in just one visit to the shop
·        No matter the bike, there’s always going to be something that’s uncomfortable

Which BMX Bike Brand Is the Best?

This is definitely a tricky question because “best” is a subjective term.
The beauty of BMX bikes is that they are highly customizable, meaning what’s a “perfect” bike for one person might differ from what a “perfect” bike is for another. Another advantage to shopping for a bike right now is that the technology for creating BMX frames and accessories has improved significantly from the early days of the sport.

As a result, gone are the days when you could easily identify the “best” brand out there, no questions asked. Consider looking for brands that support what you do outside of riding and go from there.
If you’d like a more information the helpful team at Don’s Bike Shop can always provide more insight.

How Much Should I Budget for a BMX Bike?

As you probably are aware at this point, there is a wide range of options with a wide range of price points to consider. Our advice is to set an absolute “can’t-go-higher-than-this” budget and figure out how much bike you can get for that allotment. Don’t be sold on gimmicks or flashy colors that will come at the expense of the integrity of your bike.

And regardless of your budget, you want to make sure whatever shop you buy your BMX bike from has service plans to help ensure your bike remains in the best possible condition. Don’s Bike Shop in Rialto offers several tiers of service plans for customers to help ensure their BMX bikes are in good shape years after your initial purchase.

If you want it built right the first time, make sure you stop by our shop or visit the website and get in touch with out one our BMX specialists.

We’ll make sure you get set up right!